Usman Ali Qureshi

About Myself


I was born in Gujranwala, Pakistan in April 12th 1986. My lovely mom was a teacher in a high school. She left teaching after my birth. My father was a businessman. Our cast is “Qureshi”.


I got up my basic education from St. Deny’s High School Gujranwala, then moved on to Govt. College Of Boys Gujranwala. Currently I am a student of ACCA. I have been giving tutions to the student of upto B.Com/B.A level. Now I am a Computer Operator + Accountant in Science Locus School Gujranwala.


I got a passion to learn about IT (Information Technology). I still remember when I was 14 years old I use to go to some internet cafe and always try to learn things on every visit. I learnt things about computers by myself.


I use to play with some free webs to make my own web but never get time to set it up to professional or standard level. One my friend Tayyab Ramzan, we use to work harded for like hours to make a cool page of our channel on UnderNet IRC Network hosted on We got like craze to develope a web lol but never get a standard website for our stuff. Now I have developed this web and tried hard to make it up to standard level. Anyways I will explain further about funny things of my early age lets get back to myself.


I have taken diploma in Graphic Designing from Soft Solution Gujranwala along with my friends Shakeel & Tayyab. I have this craze about IT for like 9 years and in these 9 years I have learnt many things and gain much experience to work in any IT field.


Now I am a professional web designer/developer & data entry professional, but as there is a saying “one is always a student” so it is reasonable to say that I am still a student in every field of life as we all know that a human being always learn from his life. Anyways browse other pages to see more about my web. It was a short intro about me. I will update it as soon as I will get more time to work on it.

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