Usman Ali Qureshi

Freelancing or Freelancer


Freelancing is to work with different number of clients without a fixed time contract, which means working with several clients at the same time without any full-time or part-time contract.


freelancer or freelance worker is somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term. These workers are sometimes represented by a company or an agency that resells their labor and that of others to its clients with or without project management and labor contributed by its regular employees. Others freelancer or freelance worker are completely independent. “Independent contractor” would be the term used in a higher register of English.


I have been working as a freelancer for over 2 years now. I gained very good experience in past regarding my skills which are web designing and web development. It was like a craze to me and I used to play with html and css since 2005 but never considered it a professional line of work for myself.


I still remember when I was studying in ACCA my mostly interest was in website development and I was playing with different scripts and stuff instead of concentrating on ACCA which was not my field. So, I decided to left ACCA in late 2010 and started learning more about web.


Today I am a successful freelancer and have been working on oDesk and Elance. You can visit my profile for more information and I am available for any type of website design or development related work.

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